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Yummy Malabrigo!!

So I finished my FIL’s hat in time for Christmas!! I’m in LOVE with Malabrigo, wow, everyone was right about this yarn, so amazing to work with!! And the colors are gorgeous! The hat is in Paris Night, which is dark navy with a hint of smoky grey / purple (sounds girly, but it’s rather manly!) I’ll post pics of the hat as soon as I weave in the ends and get a chance to snap a shot of it.
DH swears I made it for him, because he’s a huge fan of it as well! I did the entire thing in 2 x 2 ribbing, which I was leary about at first, but now I love. I want one for myself! Pics to follow shortly.

Update ~ no pictures to post…I went on a wrapping spree and this gorgeous hat is now under the tree, all wrapped up and ready to give!


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Ack! I have been so remiss in blogging! I knew I’d have a problem finding time, but the more stuff that goes on, the less time I have to tell about it! I realized today that I never posted about our “Becoming and Outdoors Women” weekend. So much fun!!! The classes I took this time were Outdoor Survival Skills, (we made one heck of an overnight survival shelter!) Shotgun Skills (12 out of 17 clay targets!!) Not too shabby! Then I moved on to Woodcarving, perfect timing with that because it was raining pretty good by then, so we moved inside by the fire. I carved a Virginia Rail, I was pretty impressed with my skills, and even more impressed that I didn’t cut myself. And last, but definitely not least was Handgun Skills!! Definitely the most fun. I’ve never felt so empowered and just plain ol’ awesome! It felt great to just shoot all kinds of handguns! First we shot a .22 rimfire revolver, it was a super light gun, made out of aluminum. Kind of boring. Then we moved on to bigger and better things, specfically the Glock, yes, Glock, what cops shoot! Pretty cool! And then we moved on to the 38 Special! Definitely my favorite gun. It was the biggest there, which was half my attraction to it.
It was such a terrific weekend. The weather was incredibly cold. It’s amazing how much MD can vary. But the leaves had already changed out there, and it was nothing short of absolutely gorgeous. I felt like I was in heaven!
So, that was for 3 days (the 1st weekend in October – yes, I am behind!!) And then I left straight from there and met my lovey on the Eastern Shore of MD. I drove from the farthest west county, to the farthest east. Thankfully, it wasn’t that bad of a drive, of course I was knitting the whole time.
So I met him over there on Sunday, and we stayed at a little campground and went sika deer hunting until Wednesday!! He’s been after a sika deer for years now, and has yet to get one. And there wasn’t any success on this trip either. I saw my first one at about 25 yards, but she was just passing through. I did get to see a Delmarva Fox Squirrel, so that was pretty neat. The trip was tons of fun because I was with my lovey…, but it wasn’t very fruitful! We did get some good advice for the next time from some very seasoned and apparently pretty skilled sika deer hunters. So maybe the next trip will be better.

Okay, now on to the pictures…..
My super awesome yard sale find from two weeks ago…. As I said before…I’m horrible with the camera, and I was in a huge hurry, but what it amounted to was 19 pairs of straight needles and 6 sets of dpns for …………..$3…………..!!!! How awesome is that!!?!?! They are in great shape too! There were a handful of strays, but they got tossed. I was just super thrilled to find them!

Okay, so on to the next picture….the Lilac Green Gable is finished!! I didn’t take the picture until after I had worn it all day at work, so ignore the ripple at the bottom, it’s from sitting at my desk all day. But I’m very pleased with how it turned out! The fit is exactly what I was wanting!! And I love the color! It is getting a little cold for it now, but it will make me so happy to bring it out again in the spring! And it’s also made me want to try more intricate patterns. Now I know, it, in itself is not intricate, but I liked changing up from stockinette, that can get so boring – (like the whole second half of the sweater!!) But I love it, and I can’t wait to wear it some more!!

So for now, I’ve moved on to this punch needle kit, which is so much fun!! Although, beware, that needle is sharp! I’m also working on my cabled mittens with wool from the local coop. Very lanolin-y, I love how it softens my hands! It’s also super warm, but lacking on the soft side. I worked up one mitten, but it was a little too tight and too short, so I’ve went from size 10 needles to 10 1/2 needles, otherwise the cables will be off. So we’ll see how that goes. I’m also considering crocheting up some of that Homespun I got for free a long time ago into a diagonal striped baby blanket for a girl at work who’s due this month. Crochet will be more bearable with the Homespun and it will go faster. Then I can use some of it up, because it’s taking up a whole lot of room in my stash!

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The completion of the horrendous homespun sweater is almost bittersweet. I hated that sweater not long after I started, and I hated it as I finished it. I’ve been working on it for so long that I can’t even remember when I started it. But the original intent was a nice warm and fuzzy sweater for my mom, not long after I’d completed my Hourglass sweater. DH didn’t tell me at the time, but he thought it was just atrocious….he has since vowed to tell me his first thoughts on all projects!! But everything that could go wrong with this sweater did, using the wrong needle size on the back…had to frog the whole panel. Colors in the skeins not matching up, sleeves being about 4″ too short according to the pattern. And then comes the fun part of seaming. Bulky yarn does not seam well around the sleeves, it looks a little puckered and bunchy. But you know what….other than the horrendous colors in the yarn (according to DH, very 80’s-esque) the sweater isn’t that bad after all. It fits pretty well I must say. Not big and loose, but fitted at the sides. I got the sleeves just right, and since I left the hood off, the neck lays pretty nice as well. I just wish I could dye it, or even spray paint it. So now, I have a new sweater because there is no way I’m giving this to my mother! She’d be offended! She’d wonder what she did so wrong as a parent to deserve something like that! I guess I better add her orange hourglass sweater to my to-knit list.
In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not posting a picture. I’m afraid that my knitting reputation (not that I have one, but any potential for one) will be tarnished. But it was a project I started, and it is now finished.
Move along….nothing to see here!

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My fall hat!

Here it is….nice and simple, but I love it! It’s Manos del Uruguay, Woodland, and I can’t get enough of these colors!! It actually took a little longer than it should have because the colors were pooling into vertical stripes, which I did not like. So I split the skein in half and used each new ball for a row or two and then changed up. Worked well with the felted join, but took a little longer than just throwing together a hat. I’ve resorted to smaller projects, thanks to school. But I was jumping for joy last night, because I finally finished something!!!
I’ve still yet to frog the Green Gable. I can’t hardly bring myself to it, and the lack of ball winder is causing problems. Cotton Fleece is 215 yards, not sure I want to wind all of that into a center pull ball by hand! Is it rude /tacky to wind yarn at my LYS that I bought online? That’s what I’m consdering right now. I can’t put the project off much longer, or else I won’t be able to wear it until the spring!!

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Cotton Baby Hats

These are just so easy to knit up, the blue one I did in one night, except for the I-cord. The pink one over the course a few days of knitting on the beach this past weekend. The blue one is sized for an infant, the pink for a toddler. They are just so adorable. My picture doesn’t do them justice. My wonderful hubby is a much better photographer than me. I just point and shoot. Sometimes I get lucky, this time…not so much. But the pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (and there’s a child’s size as well), the yarn is Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, which I absolutely LOVE! I haven’t been able to find it in the last couple of LYS I’ve been too, but I got these two skeins from WEBS.

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