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My latest cake creation – a pizza!
Pizza Cake
(pretend like the wax paper isn’t there – we thought we were going out to dinner, and I was going to have them bring the cake out, so I needed some way to move it easily – I just forgot to take off the excess before snapping a shot – remember, I was on a time crunch!!)

My father-in-law loves pizza, I mean, LOVES PIZZA!! Even my 2 year old knows it’s his favorite food, so of course, I had to make him a pizza cake!! Crazy part was, I had to make it at their house, in 2 hours! Yikes! I baked the cake at my house, then did everything else at their house. Needless to say, there wasn’t a whole lot of room for error. And the best part is, he usually just eats pepperoni pizza, making the toppings even easier!

Pizza Cake in Box

The funny thing is, we asked what he wanted for dinner and he said, pizza! Wow, how convenient!

Here’s the skinny –
Basic Betty Crocker cake, baked in a deep dish stoneware pan
Whipped icing from Wilton – note to self, this has no flavor, buttercream is so much better!! I just used this thinking it would be easier since I wouldn’t have a lot of time to mess around with making icing
The sauce was piping gel dyed red
Cheese was ivory colored fondant, rolled and sliced very thin
Pepperoni was very tricky to get just the right color, thankfully there was some real pepperoni in the freezer and the color in mine was almost perfect (might be hard to tell in the photo, but it was right on!)

All in all, it was a big hit and lots of fun to make!


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