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Q is for…

card letter q is for quiet. Too quiet.
The house is missing a certain someone….Bear is gone for the next 10 days. So it’s just me and the bubby girl. So, it’s really not that quiet with a 10 month old around, but once she goes to bed, it’s going to be very quiet and very lonesome.
Truthfully, it all started 3 years ago, a few months after we got married, Bear went elk hunting in CO. And he got bit by the elk hunting bug while he was out there. He didn’t have much luck the first time, but he thought he had a little more experience, knew where to go, what to look for, etc., so he wanted to try again. So, him and a buddy started planning. Just a few weeks ago it seemed so far away. But then, all the sudden, it was today, the day he was leaving. And man was it rough.
10 days is a long time. But I’m hoping it will go by fast.
Bubber Bear in CO
This is my favorite picture from his last trip. The country seems so beautiful out there. I wanted to go so bad this year, but I didn’t think I would be able to leave my bubby girl for that long. And with the high altitude, I wasn’t sure how well I would do with my asthma (we live at sea level). I can just see me now, laid up from altitude sickness, dragging everyone down!! I’m definitely going on the next hunting trip though….Africa!
And as a parting shot…this is who he will get to come home too! Me and the Bub! (And we’ll be even happier than this when he gets back!!!) Oh, and as a side note…I have another “Q”. Q is for quack! That was Lila’s first word!
Mommy and Bubby


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Wow! I’m ridiculous when it comes to blogging! I’m lucky to get a monthly update out there! I guess I’m just too busy living life to write about it! Not much is going on. I’m in WV with the in-laws for T-day. I absolutely love coming here! In the Spring and Summer we are here just about every other weekend, but in the fall and winter it really slows down. I guess it’s been almost 2 months since we’ve been here, which is a long time for us!
DH and FIL are doing the tradition WV T-day morning hunt right now. I’ll be out there this afternoon. I know that some who read this will cring…but yes, I hunt (with a bow). And better yet…I got a 9 point the other night. If a daughter ever wants to see her father and uncle as proud as they’ll ever be, shoot a deer, a big one at that!! My dad was thrilled! Still is. It’s great! I’ll be out there this afternoon (as much as I love hunting, I love sleeping in a little more, so no morning hunts for me yet). Most likely we’ll only be shooting does though…don’t let me get on my rant about WV games laws…whew, talk about screwing something up!

No, I won’t be shopping on Black Friday. I hate even thinking about what stores are like. I’m knitting and hunting all day, and possibly catching up on school work. There’s no inanimate object I want enough to go through the craziness of that day. I’ll pay $10 more for my sanity! I’ll probably be sitting right here shopping!

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Ack! I have been so remiss in blogging! I knew I’d have a problem finding time, but the more stuff that goes on, the less time I have to tell about it! I realized today that I never posted about our “Becoming and Outdoors Women” weekend. So much fun!!! The classes I took this time were Outdoor Survival Skills, (we made one heck of an overnight survival shelter!) Shotgun Skills (12 out of 17 clay targets!!) Not too shabby! Then I moved on to Woodcarving, perfect timing with that because it was raining pretty good by then, so we moved inside by the fire. I carved a Virginia Rail, I was pretty impressed with my skills, and even more impressed that I didn’t cut myself. And last, but definitely not least was Handgun Skills!! Definitely the most fun. I’ve never felt so empowered and just plain ol’ awesome! It felt great to just shoot all kinds of handguns! First we shot a .22 rimfire revolver, it was a super light gun, made out of aluminum. Kind of boring. Then we moved on to bigger and better things, specfically the Glock, yes, Glock, what cops shoot! Pretty cool! And then we moved on to the 38 Special! Definitely my favorite gun. It was the biggest there, which was half my attraction to it.
It was such a terrific weekend. The weather was incredibly cold. It’s amazing how much MD can vary. But the leaves had already changed out there, and it was nothing short of absolutely gorgeous. I felt like I was in heaven!
So, that was for 3 days (the 1st weekend in October – yes, I am behind!!) And then I left straight from there and met my lovey on the Eastern Shore of MD. I drove from the farthest west county, to the farthest east. Thankfully, it wasn’t that bad of a drive, of course I was knitting the whole time.
So I met him over there on Sunday, and we stayed at a little campground and went sika deer hunting until Wednesday!! He’s been after a sika deer for years now, and has yet to get one. And there wasn’t any success on this trip either. I saw my first one at about 25 yards, but she was just passing through. I did get to see a Delmarva Fox Squirrel, so that was pretty neat. The trip was tons of fun because I was with my lovey…, but it wasn’t very fruitful! We did get some good advice for the next time from some very seasoned and apparently pretty skilled sika deer hunters. So maybe the next trip will be better.

Okay, now on to the pictures…..
My super awesome yard sale find from two weeks ago…. As I said before…I’m horrible with the camera, and I was in a huge hurry, but what it amounted to was 19 pairs of straight needles and 6 sets of dpns for …………..$3…………..!!!! How awesome is that!!?!?! They are in great shape too! There were a handful of strays, but they got tossed. I was just super thrilled to find them!

Okay, so on to the next picture….the Lilac Green Gable is finished!! I didn’t take the picture until after I had worn it all day at work, so ignore the ripple at the bottom, it’s from sitting at my desk all day. But I’m very pleased with how it turned out! The fit is exactly what I was wanting!! And I love the color! It is getting a little cold for it now, but it will make me so happy to bring it out again in the spring! And it’s also made me want to try more intricate patterns. Now I know, it, in itself is not intricate, but I liked changing up from stockinette, that can get so boring – (like the whole second half of the sweater!!) But I love it, and I can’t wait to wear it some more!!

So for now, I’ve moved on to this punch needle kit, which is so much fun!! Although, beware, that needle is sharp! I’m also working on my cabled mittens with wool from the local coop. Very lanolin-y, I love how it softens my hands! It’s also super warm, but lacking on the soft side. I worked up one mitten, but it was a little too tight and too short, so I’ve went from size 10 needles to 10 1/2 needles, otherwise the cables will be off. So we’ll see how that goes. I’m also considering crocheting up some of that Homespun I got for free a long time ago into a diagonal striped baby blanket for a girl at work who’s due this month. Crochet will be more bearable with the Homespun and it will go faster. Then I can use some of it up, because it’s taking up a whole lot of room in my stash!

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