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This post is super late because I was so remiss on taking pictures, I know a lot of people love that part, I loath that part…I’m terrible at it!

There’s been some knitting and sewing ’round these parts lately….I’ve still got lots on the to-do list though! I like it that way!

I finished these baby slippers a while back, just never bothered to take a picture of them. I really just did them to see how the pattern worked out. I’ve got tons of sock yarn leftovers so these would be perfect. Of course, I knit a girly pair and everyone is having boys lately!
Baby Slippers
Pattern: Magic Slippers
Yarn: Sock yarn leftovers – love these colors
Made For: The next baby girl I know to be born!

Bubby Girl got a new toy as well – this super soft and snuggly sheep. Her name is Mary (get it?!) The best part about this, it was from leftovers as well – super cute and quick and used up leftovers, my kind of project!!
Bub's Fluffy Sheep
Bub's Fluffy Sheep
Pattern: Lamb from Itty Bitty Toys This book is full of awesome patterns! I can’t wait to make more!
Yarn: Leftovers of Berroco Plush and Sublime Organic Cotton DK – I doubled the Organic Cotton throughout
Made for: Bubby Girl

As much as I dreaded it, I took my Colorful Sock on the road to VT….it was going to be about 10 hours, so I needed some knitting. Can you believe I never knit a stitch on the way up!? Going North from MD is not fun. Tons of tolls, I’m talking probably $30 on the way up and pretty close on the way back! Ugh! I don’t even like turnpikes! Then detouring around the George Washington Bridge in NY – best thing we ever did, only added about 15 minutes to the trip, if that, and absolutely NO traffic. No trucks, tractor trailers, and all that craziness trying to get on the dumb bridge! Loved it!
But while we were there, I got lots of knitting done – and ended up finishing one of the socks…now if I could just go back on vacation and finish the other one! Ha! This is the perfect pattern for this very highly colored yarn. Love it! And this pattern lends to very thick, warm socks, which is nice too! Not a fan of the heel, but I followed the pattern because who wants to deviate while on vacation – definitely not me! Look for the second one to be finished sometime before Christmas!


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Catching up!

Wow, December 18th was my last post, that’s just terrible! There’s been a lot going on too. I just don’t know how people post everyday, or every other day! I’m working from home part time now, so that keeps me busy as well. But enough of the boring stuff!
I’ve been knitting as much as I can squeeze in, which isn’t much, but enough to keep me pretty happy!
Here’s the latest –
Bubby’s Baby Doll – aka. Dolly J.J.
Bub's new dolly
Pattern – Ragdoll by Debbie Bliss
Yarn – Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino – for the hair, dress and legs and Sublime Organic Cotton DK for the body and head
I switched up the yarns because I couldn’t find a color I wanted, but I’m glad I did, the body has a slightly different feel than the clothes and hair, which may sound silly, but to me makes it feel more like “clothes” and “skin”. Silly, I know. Either way, I think she likes it!
Bub's 2nd Wallaby
And that’s the 2nd Wonderful Wallaby I made for her, she was so excited that she and Dolly J.J. “matched” with their purple outfits.

I also finished a pair of French Press Slippers but who hasn’t, right?
Mommy's French Press Slippers
I used Wool of the Andes because it was in the stash, and had been for years, and it needed to get used. I’ve worn these things just about everyday since I made them, and I have a feeling by the time the fall rolls around, I’ll have to make a new pair. I love the button though – matches perfectly – it’s from Joann’s.
And let’s see, I also finally finished my Coraline – GASP! It took forever, mostly because I put it down for quite some time. It’s gorgeous, beautiful, lovely and and oh so warm. But, I’ve yet to get a picture of it! It’s on the to-do list!
I’ll post about my sewing soon – although it will be more of a “what I want to sew list” than a “what I’ve sewn lately list”!

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Whew – surprisingly I have been doing a lot of knitting lately! The summer is usually very busy for us, but with frequent trips back to WV, I get 10+ hours of knitting in the car time, plus about 3 hours when my husband is boating, and countless other hours too. It’s a good deal!

So, I’ve finished a few things lately and am chugging away at others. Nothing for me yet though, I’m getting there.

My favorite is her new Boheme. Very cute pattern,but I needed to size it up some to about a 2T. The only thing left is to find some buttons.   I used Cherry Tree Hill Supersock colorway Jewels.  I was so worried I wouldn’t have enough of this gorgeous yarn, but I just knit and knit until I ran out. Apparently this must be a one of a kind skein because I have gone to the end of the internet (and Ravelry) looking for another one, and I cannot find anything even close. I wish I took better pictures, the colors are amazing. It’s very mulberry, dark and light brown and light pink. Whenever I get around to dyeing, I will definitely try to replicate these colors! I was left with about 9 inches of yarn when it was all said and done.  I did the picot edge, but modified it some so I would have enough yarn. I really love how this turned out! She won’t model it though, way too hot around here!

Bubby's Boheme

Bubby's Boheme

And Lila has two new shrugs / boleros – both for the fall.

Debbie Bliss’s Baby Shrug

Yarn – Joann’s Sensations Tesoro – not a bad yarn, could be softer though. I had it laying around and have been stash busting, so it worked out.

Sizing was way off on this, so I did some measuring and made her the 9-12 month size, and it’s just about right with a little room to grow.

Lila's Bolera

The other one is this pattern from Sirdar. I used Elsebeth Lavold’s Bambool and loved it. This yarn has a great feel and look, just a little bit of sheen, very sophisticated looking. She has a little more room to grow in this one, I made the size 2-3. Hey, I’d much rather it be too big than to small, she’s not shrinking anytime soon!

Bubby's Bolero

You might notice a difference in my bubby girl, she got her first hair cut on the 15th.  It was hard on me, but it’s super cute now!

I’ve casted on for a new pair of socks too. The Faceted Rib Socks from Little Box of Socks. I’m trying to use up some of my stash, so I picked this one. The name “Colorful” is so appropriate, very short color repeats – with lots of different colors! I think this pattern is perfect for it. I’ve just about got one cuff finished, but it’s been on hold for a while now.

My Coraline has also come out of the bag recently and I now have 2 completed sleeves and a body, now to join the sleeves and start the fun part, the yoke! I really hope to have it done by the time the weather turns cooler. I guess that all depends on how the smocking pattern goes!

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V is for Victory! So I finally got victory over this sweater!! I started this project right after I found out I was pregnant. And my daughter is now 14 months old, so that should tell you something. It was definitely a love – hate relationship. But it all worked out for the best, because I love this sweater!! It is so adorable. I think Lila definitely has room to grow in it, so she’ll at least be able to wear it through the spring. I wasn’t real happy with the yarn, I found lots of knots, breaks and tears in it, but the colors are perfect.
Bubby's Sheep Sweater
Bubby and her sweater
Up close sheep on Bub's Sweater

Pattern: Lillelam Pullover from Dale of Norway, Dalegarn #124: Designs for Baby
Yarn: Dale of Norway Dalegarn Baby Ull in the colors suggested in the pattern
Size: 18 months
Update: I realized I did the neck wrong and I’m in the process of correcting it (I just can’t live with it not being right! Plus I think it will look better and hold up longer the right way)

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Update – I think she likes it!!! She was napping while I was posting, but I gave it to her as soon as she woke up. This is how she gives kisses – it’s kind of like biting it’s face off, but that’s her “loves”!
Bubby's Turtle Kisses
Bubby's Turtle

tis for Turtle! Actually, the pattern name is Patchwork Tortoise from Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor.
Patchwork Tortoise Front
I used Cascade Sierra for the whole thing, which was a pretty easy knit, but a nightmare to seam!! It’s kind of funny because I want Lila to adore this turtle, which I think she does because everytime she sees it lying around she grabs it up and runs around with it. But I don’t want her to love it so much that she wears it out because I don’t think I could make another one! *Note to self – read and seriously consider all pattern directions before proceeding on a project!* I tend to find something I adore and just dive right in and then fumble through it fussing the whole time, instead of making sure it’s a practical pattern for me! But it was a fun knit and she loves it. I wanted so badly to finish it for her birthday, but it was just too crazy around here (more about that later!) but I’m only 3 days late, so that’s not too bad.
I still have her Sheep Sweater to finish – another *read the pattern first* project! I’m almost on the 2nd sleeve, so I’m getting there, but the seaming, oh the seaming! Can I solicit someone to seam this thing for me? I don’t think I could thread another needle, or even worse, weave in another end!

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m is for My Projects! I am on a roll lately with finishing things and I’m so proud of myself! (This is why I haven’t been blogging lately, busy finishing up projects!!) Here are my most recent off the needles…

Bubby’s Baby Blanket
The pattern was taken from a shawl by Tanya and revised to make it into a blanket pattern. The only change I made was to add the garter stitch border. I absolutely love this blanket, but whew, the pattern got old after a while! All that seed stitch! The yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in Shell. I really enjoyed working with this yarn!
Bub's Baby Blanket
Close Up Bub's Baby Blanket

Fiber Trends Sheep Tote
This was a lot of fun all the way around. The bag is Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Lotus Pink All in all, I LOVE THIS BAG!!
Sheep Tote
The sheep on the front is needle felted on with a pack of roving from Fiber Trends as well. Needlefelted Sheep
Since I knew this would be my knitting bag and potentially have a decent amount of weight in it, I did the I-cord for the handles around a non-stretchy cord that Bear found for me. I am definitely glad I did that. The handles do not stretch at all, which will definitely help this bag out in the future. I’m not a fan of I-cord handles at all because of the stretch factor. And I reinforced them all with grommets – long story, but I’m not a fan of grommets either! Grommets on Sheep Tote
I added a few slip in pockets just for rulers, scissors, and a pack of dpn’s. Inside of Sheep Tote
The lining is just plain ol’ cotton from Joanns, but I love the pattern, it was exactly what I was looking for. Inside of Sheep Tote Close Up

And last, but definitely not least….

Bub’s Wonderful Wallaby

This is a Cottage Creations pattern and a super simple (most of the time), quick knit. The yarn is Berocco Ultra Alpaca in Lavender Mix, and it only took two skeins (for size 2). I am very happy with how this turned out, so cute! I’m hoping this sweater will take her through the fall and winter!
Bub's Wallaby
Bub's Wallaby with Hood

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You guessed it….

is for knitting.

I’m so unoriginal! I’ve been knitting feverishly (when I can of course) on Bub’s Baby Blanket. I’m at about 80% and I cannot wait for this thing to be finished. Mainly because it seems so HUGE and I feel like I’ve been working on it forever. Not to mention, I have lots of WIP’s waiting in the wings to be finished as well. I’m becoming a one project kind of person, but I have to finish up everything else first.

So here’s the progress on the blanket. I love how it looks and feels and everything else about it!
Bub's Baby Blanket

And here’s a close up shot of the pattern.
Bub's Baby Blanket

And here’s my most recent Scout’s Swag Sock Club delivery. It’s called Stocker Pond and I’m much happier with this colorway than the last one. I’m thinking about making these socks with it.

Scout's Swag June 2008
This is the last colorway I received from the sock club. It was called Rowing Home and was based on a painting by Winslow Homer. Not that it was ugly or anything, just not my colors. I knew I would never use it, so I destashed it on Ravelry. Yay for Ravelry!
Scout's Swag April 2008 Sock Club

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