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What a busy and hot summer so far! Most of the day is spent outside with Bubby Girl either riding her bike, playing in her new sandbox or her pool, which is definitely refreshing on these hot summer days! We were spoiled on vacation in Vermont where the temps maybe grazed the 70’s but stayed in the 60’s most of the time. We stayed at the most beautiful place – The Wildflower Inn, in Lyndonville.
Wildflower Inn
This was our third time to VT, but only our second time staying at the inn….but you can guarantee we’ll be back! We absolutely love it there, and so does Lila. She was in the Butterfly, Tots and Forget-Me-Nots program and they kept her busy and happy all week. Let me just tell you, this place has the best breakfast! It’s fantastic! Actually, everything about this place is fantastic! The people, the food, the rooms, but the best part – the view! It’s incredible!
Daddy Mommy Bubby
Bub and Betsy the RabbitBub feeding the goat

Mommy and Daddy were so happy that she was happy, and we got to enjoy some of the finest mountain biking in the east, Kingdom Trails. If you haven’t been – just go. Thanks to the Wildflower Inn, I got a very awesome private lesson from Lilias of IdeRide and my skills have soared since!! Yay for me as I can finally get my front wheel off the ground, on demand! Still working on the bunny hop, but I know it’ll come! First we headed over to the pump track to work on some skills – lots of fun! Here’s Bubby Girl on her Strider riding one of the skinnies – can I just say, she’s awesome!
Bub riding skinnies
Bub riding skinnies
And here’s me on my last ride of Kitchel – this trail is incredible. There’s a video on the IdeRide website that shows them working on this trail. The last trip down it, I got AIR!! I mean, lots of air (for me at least) It was incredible, and I did it on purpose, which was even better. This is when I really knew my lesson with Lilias was going to pay off big time!
Kelly on Kitchel
(picture disclaimer – there are tons of awesome places to take pictures of people coming down this trail, however, that means the person riding the trail looses all the flow and momentum of the trail and since you can’t hike back up, it makes it really un-fun! So Bear took a series of pictures on this turn, this one shows the trail the best – I wish you could see more! Do a google search on Kitchel Trail and Kingdom Trails and check out some of the videos – so much fun!!)

We rode at Rosaryville State Park this past weekend and Bear rode behind me for a lot of the trail (not standard operating procedure for us because I get freaked out and try to ride too hard). However, not this time – there were times where he had to really push to catch me! Yay! He said he noticed a HUGE difference in my riding! I must say, ladies, if you are in the Northeast Kingdom and you mountain bike, call Lilias, she’s awesome!

And of course, as customary when we go north, we look for moose – my favorite animal. We headed up towards Island Pond, and there we found them! And this is usually how we see them – standing right in the middle of the road. These animals are HUGE!
Can you see it?!
How about now?
moose up close

We also headed out in the local area and found the Sanderson’s cute little farm and bowl shop and lucky us – we got there at a great time – check out this baby donkey – he was 4 days old!! Cutest animal I think I’ve ever seen, I was trying to figure out how we could bring him home!! Bubby was grumpy and pretending to be scared, but let me tell you, nothing to be afraid of, he was the sweetest little guy!
Baby Donkey
And here’s one of my favorite shots of the week – this was our view outside of our room at the Wildflower.
Bubby a cow field
All and all, a perfectly awesome week! This is the kind of place you never want to leave (not sure I’d want to be there in the winter though!). We will definitely be back, many more times. Vermont is absolutely gorgeous and we joke about having a summer house there! It was hard to drive south on the way home and just watch the temperature rise and rise….when we left it was in the 60’s in VT, when we got home it was somewhere around 93!! Ugh!!


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Sea World

The day after Disney we headed to Sea World, which was a much more relaxing day! It was about 10 minutes away on a trolley and much less crowded! Of course, the first thing we went to see was Barbara Manatee – Veggie Tales anyone?! Of course we came home with a mini stuffed manatee and t-shirt!!
Barbara Manatee

Then we just kind of wandered around, at our own pace and enjoyed the beautiful weather and all the animals! It wasn’t nearly as stressful being by myself at Sea World as it was at Disney, but I was still recovering from Disney the day before!! There was only 1 ride Bubby could get on, and after the rides we rode at Disney, it was just plain pitiful! But she loved the animals – here’s my favorite picture the day.
That’s her on the left, not sure if that little girl was holding her hand or trying to move her out of the way! But if you ask her who the big whale is at Sea World, she’ll shout SHAM-BU!!

All in all it was such a wonderful trip, definitely a whirlwind though as we tried to do a lot in a short amount of time. Well worth – I highly suggest wives tagging along on their husbands business trips!

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Disney World!!

This trip was about 2 months ago! Gasp! I’m just now getting around to posting about it! I’m terrible!

Castle at Dusk
With about 2 weeks notice, we planned, packed and flew to Disney World! Bear had to travel to Orlando for a conference, so we tagged along. Needless to say, I was nervous!! We have an extremely energetic child who never stops (yes, that’s right, she rarely takes naps, and only does so in the comfort of her own bed), so the thought of airport lines, flying, and Disney World sans Bear was a bit scary, but I knew it was doable, so we did it! And I am so glad we did!!

The airport wasn’t too bad, a drawn out lunch kept the Bub occupied. And surprisingly, she was wonderful on the flight! A sticker book and some crayons lasted almost the whole 2 hours!

Getting her to sleep that night was a different story. She’s really too big for a pack-n-play, but we hadn’t made a transition to a big bed yet, so in the pack-n-play she had to go. We turned off all the lights and stayed really quiet and out of sight. And what cute little sentence comes out of the dark in the middle of the night?! “Mommy, this is not my bedroom!!!!”

So on to Disney the next day. It was beautiful weather and just a teeny bit stressful getting there, but not too bad. It’s such a process though and took about an hour from our hotel to the gate (the actual gate, not the train station) of Disney. And we quickly learned a lesson. You do not travel to Disney during the week before Easter, aka Spring Break. Whew! We heard they actually closed the gates and stopped letting people in it was that crowded!!! The day didn’t start too great though, I dropped my camera on the first right – Aladdin’s Magic Carpets and as if the loud crash it made onto the metal wasn’t bad enough, it fell into the crack that went to the water under the ride. Thankfully I had the camcorder as well and it takes good pictures outside! However, I wasn’t going to let that ruin my day. It was me and my 2 year old at Disney World! We had to have a good time! We rode a lot of rides, and had tons of fun, then went home in the afternoon to pick up Daddy-O from his conference, then headed back and rode some more rides! The wait times were up to 2 hours for even the kiddie rides, so that was kind of a bummer, but it was still so much fun. Bubby Girl could only ride so many things, so it wasn’t too bad.
I needed a little rest, so Bear took Bub on the race cars and boy did she have fun!! I love this picture of the two of them, and her trying to see over the steering wheel!
Bub and daddy racing
I also have a great video of her, when she saw me, she took both hands off the wheel to wave, it was too cute!!
If you ask Lila what her favorite ride as Disney was, she’ll answer “The RollerCoaster!” It was Goofy’s Barnstormer, and it was pretty impressive for kiddie coaster!

There aren’t a lot of pictures because wrangling a 2 year old by yourself at Disney World on one of the most crowded days in the world just doesn’t allow for it. It’s amazing what you don’t see through the lens of a camera!

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New Job!

Yep, that’s right, I have a new full-time job….I’m a stay at home mom! I “left” my old job last Wednesday and have yet to look back. I say “left” because there’s more involved, but one thing is for certain….no more yucky-traffic-light-filled-stop-at-dunkin-donuts-drop-the-bub-off-at-the-babysitters-commute! Woo woo!

There’s been a lot going on since my last post, so I’ll give you some quick snippets of September…

We threw Bear’s mom a surprise birthday party on Labor Day – it turned out so well and she was so surprised! I didn’t get many pictures, but I thought this one was cute. This is our friend’s son, Zach and his little toy car. Lila hoped on and Zach pushed her around for quite a while, but you could tell he was straining pretty hard! Later she put her feet up, sat back and relaxed while he pushed! Too cute! It’s not the best picture…it was an overcast, rainy day.
Zach pushing the bub

We headed to the beach- Assateague Island to go camping, didn’t work out quite as we planned, but we made the best of it. If you look close, you can see all the water in the background, most of the campsites were flooded and it was quite windy and chilly. The campsites were so flooded that most didn’t have a spot to put a tent, we got lucky and found a semi-dry one.
bub at assateague
So we came home and went to a local beach instead – Lila doesn’t know the difference, she just likes to play in the water.
bub at the beach

We had our county fair – I won 3 ribbons! A first place for her strawberry dress – and second place ribbons for her Boheme and Sheep Sweater (pictures of each project are on my sidebar). Pretty exciting! Lila was too thrilled this year with the sheep or goats, but she was quite fond of the cows and piggies!

I attended two Cookie A. knitting classes. One was Traveling Stitches held at the very beautiful Maples in Solomons and hosted by Marie, who is so lovely! And the other was hosted by my LYS Crazy for Ewe and was absolutely wonderful as well. We had a fantastic lunch at Cafe des Artistes and following was the Intuitive Charts Reading class. Whew – that was a lot of info at one time, but I think it all sank in and I was quite impressed with the amount of new knowledge I took home – not to mention I learned how to quickly (and safely!) cable without a cable needed! I didn’t take any pictures, but if you hop on over to the Crazy for Ewe blog, Ellen took a few that day.

And as for this week….busy so far as well. We headed to the National Zoo on Monday. What a blast! Lila loved the aminals as she calls them, but we definitely missed the hippo. She asked for him all day, but I guess he was inside because we never saw him.
They are a doing a lot of renovations, but we still go to see most of the animals. There was a baby gorilla born in January who was absolutely precious! I wanted to take her home to be a playmate for Lila!
baby gorilla
The weather was perfect, she was a great kid, and other than one wrong turn in DC (totally taking credit for that mishap) we made out okay! But a side note…flamingos stink, bad!

And coming up Thursday is Leprechaun Lilly’s. One of my favorite days of the year. I did my volunteer hours yesterday so I could shop early and I’m so excited! This was by far the best idea anyone has had a in a long time, and it makes so much sense! Everything I’ve gotten from there has been name brand, quality clothing that has been either brand new with tags, or barely worn. It’s fantastic! They are even doing one this year for women’s clothes, called Elly’s Closet. Unfortunately, I will be out of town this year and unable to attend…maybe next time!

It’s a cool, rainy day so I’m looking forward to settling down today, getting some of my domestic duties (hehe!) done and enjoying my daughter!

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Well – Bear and I spent our first night away from the Bub this past weekend. His parents came down and babysat while we headed up to Harrisburg, PA to the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show. I think we did pretty well for our first time away. Apparently she was a perfect little angel! Waking up at 3:00 to eat and then went right back to sleep, even after being changed and reswaddled! Yay Bub! We even got to wake up to snow on Saturday morning!!

Using Bear’s dad’s new GPS, I also got to find some new yarn stores on the way! I stopped at Uncommon Threads in York, PA. I must say, I was a little disappointed. The girl working there said the shelves were bare because the owners were at a show in Pittsburgh. I hope that was the case, but I doubt I’ll be heading back there again.

But then we got to stop at Woolworks in Baltimore and I am in love!! That place was fantastic! The people were so friendly, the shop was so full of a wonderful selection of yarns, buttons and patternbooks! I was in heaven! I finally found the Super 10 Butterfly I’ve been looking for so I can make Via Diagonale from Knitty. The worst part is, I used to live about 15 minutes from this little gem, but I didn’t knit then! I loved how the store was laid out, and I was so impressed by their button selection! I will definitely be stopping in again – if Bear allows!

Even though I put the pictures up on the sidebar and on the finished projects page, I never officially posted about my latest FO – Bub’s Berry Hat. I found the pattern on Ravelry It was super easy to knit up, and it’s too cute on her! I just used some leftover Patons Classic Merino Wool. It could be a little softer, so I think I might give it a little soak and see if it softens up some.

Bub's Berry Hat top
Bub's Berry Hat

Currently on the knitting front, I’m working on the Fiber Trends Sheep Tote and I’m almost finished. I’m working on the i-cord handle now! I’ve been knitting, sewing, redoing wallpaper, it’s been a busy month so far! Speaking of February – it’s my birthday month! I’ve hardly even celebrated this year! We are headed to Canaan Valley, WV to do some skiing *hopefully there will be snow* for my birthday. We attempted this last year, but it was the height of my asthma attacks and it got cut short. We got some snowtubing in, but that was about it – we’re hoping for more this year!

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That’s right, it’s a girl!! After all that believing and just knowing it was a boy! We’re just excited that everything is going so well with my pregnancy and that we are going to have a precious little baby in a few months! Currently I am 23 weeks, and I’ve added about 8 lbs and 7 inches at my widest point. And I am feeling great!!

Part of my feeling great was our wonderful vacation to VT! Can I just say that I love the Wildflower Inn! That place is amazing! We stayed in the school house for a few nights and hit the trails at Kingdom Trails – what an amazing place to ride!
Here’s a picture of the 5 month pregnant mama riding some great (very easy) singletrack! Even the easy stuff is great to ride here! I finally got to see my first MOOSE!!! How exciting! We’re lucky we didn’t hit it. Bear and I were driving down the road, a little past sunset, staring out my window into the boggy area, looking for a moose. The next thing you know, he glances up, slams on the brakes and yells “MOOSE!” It was standing right in the middle of the road, probably no more than 30 feet or so from our truck! In all, we ended up seeing 5 moose, 1 black bear and a turkey! We also drove up to the Canadian border, which was pretty neat. Don’t dare pass over that line without your passport though!

And on the knitting front, I finished the back of the sheep sweater! Whew, what an accomplishment, anything on size 2 needles takes forever! I’ve temporarily put that down and started crocheting a baby blanket from Candy Blankies Our little girl needs something a little girly! So it will be light purple, and it has fuzzy little sheep all over it, and one black sheep! It’s too cute! Bear has his surgery tomorrow so I’m sure it will keep my mind occupied while I’m waiting. Pray everything goes well! And he’s back to good ol’ wonderful Bear soon!

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