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What a busy and hot summer so far! Most of the day is spent outside with Bubby Girl either riding her bike, playing in her new sandbox or her pool, which is definitely refreshing on these hot summer days! We were spoiled on vacation in Vermont where the temps maybe grazed the 70’s but stayed in the 60’s most of the time. We stayed at the most beautiful place – The Wildflower Inn, in Lyndonville.
Wildflower Inn
This was our third time to VT, but only our second time staying at the inn….but you can guarantee we’ll be back! We absolutely love it there, and so does Lila. She was in the Butterfly, Tots and Forget-Me-Nots program and they kept her busy and happy all week. Let me just tell you, this place has the best breakfast! It’s fantastic! Actually, everything about this place is fantastic! The people, the food, the rooms, but the best part – the view! It’s incredible!
Daddy Mommy Bubby
Bub and Betsy the RabbitBub feeding the goat

Mommy and Daddy were so happy that she was happy, and we got to enjoy some of the finest mountain biking in the east, Kingdom Trails. If you haven’t been – just go. Thanks to the Wildflower Inn, I got a very awesome private lesson from Lilias of IdeRide and my skills have soared since!! Yay for me as I can finally get my front wheel off the ground, on demand! Still working on the bunny hop, but I know it’ll come! First we headed over to the pump track to work on some skills – lots of fun! Here’s Bubby Girl on her Strider riding one of the skinnies – can I just say, she’s awesome!
Bub riding skinnies
Bub riding skinnies
And here’s me on my last ride of Kitchel – this trail is incredible. There’s a video on the IdeRide website that shows them working on this trail. The last trip down it, I got AIR!! I mean, lots of air (for me at least) It was incredible, and I did it on purpose, which was even better. This is when I really knew my lesson with Lilias was going to pay off big time!
Kelly on Kitchel
(picture disclaimer – there are tons of awesome places to take pictures of people coming down this trail, however, that means the person riding the trail looses all the flow and momentum of the trail and since you can’t hike back up, it makes it really un-fun! So Bear took a series of pictures on this turn, this one shows the trail the best – I wish you could see more! Do a google search on Kitchel Trail and Kingdom Trails and check out some of the videos – so much fun!!)

We rode at Rosaryville State Park this past weekend and Bear rode behind me for a lot of the trail (not standard operating procedure for us because I get freaked out and try to ride too hard). However, not this time – there were times where he had to really push to catch me! Yay! He said he noticed a HUGE difference in my riding! I must say, ladies, if you are in the Northeast Kingdom and you mountain bike, call Lilias, she’s awesome!

And of course, as customary when we go north, we look for moose – my favorite animal. We headed up towards Island Pond, and there we found them! And this is usually how we see them – standing right in the middle of the road. These animals are HUGE!
Can you see it?!
How about now?
moose up close

We also headed out in the local area and found the Sanderson’s cute little farm and bowl shop and lucky us – we got there at a great time – check out this baby donkey – he was 4 days old!! Cutest animal I think I’ve ever seen, I was trying to figure out how we could bring him home!! Bubby was grumpy and pretending to be scared, but let me tell you, nothing to be afraid of, he was the sweetest little guy!
Baby Donkey
And here’s one of my favorite shots of the week – this was our view outside of our room at the Wildflower.
Bubby a cow field
All and all, a perfectly awesome week! This is the kind of place you never want to leave (not sure I’d want to be there in the winter though!). We will definitely be back, many more times. Vermont is absolutely gorgeous and we joke about having a summer house there! It was hard to drive south on the way home and just watch the temperature rise and rise….when we left it was in the 60’s in VT, when we got home it was somewhere around 93!! Ugh!!


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That’s right, it’s a girl!! After all that believing and just knowing it was a boy! We’re just excited that everything is going so well with my pregnancy and that we are going to have a precious little baby in a few months! Currently I am 23 weeks, and I’ve added about 8 lbs and 7 inches at my widest point. And I am feeling great!!

Part of my feeling great was our wonderful vacation to VT! Can I just say that I love the Wildflower Inn! That place is amazing! We stayed in the school house for a few nights and hit the trails at Kingdom Trails – what an amazing place to ride!
Here’s a picture of the 5 month pregnant mama riding some great (very easy) singletrack! Even the easy stuff is great to ride here! I finally got to see my first MOOSE!!! How exciting! We’re lucky we didn’t hit it. Bear and I were driving down the road, a little past sunset, staring out my window into the boggy area, looking for a moose. The next thing you know, he glances up, slams on the brakes and yells “MOOSE!” It was standing right in the middle of the road, probably no more than 30 feet or so from our truck! In all, we ended up seeing 5 moose, 1 black bear and a turkey! We also drove up to the Canadian border, which was pretty neat. Don’t dare pass over that line without your passport though!

And on the knitting front, I finished the back of the sheep sweater! Whew, what an accomplishment, anything on size 2 needles takes forever! I’ve temporarily put that down and started crocheting a baby blanket from Candy Blankies Our little girl needs something a little girly! So it will be light purple, and it has fuzzy little sheep all over it, and one black sheep! It’s too cute! Bear has his surgery tomorrow so I’m sure it will keep my mind occupied while I’m waiting. Pray everything goes well! And he’s back to good ol’ wonderful Bear soon!

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