Disney World!!

This trip was about 2 months ago! Gasp! I’m just now getting around to posting about it! I’m terrible!

Castle at Dusk
With about 2 weeks notice, we planned, packed and flew to Disney World! Bear had to travel to Orlando for a conference, so we tagged along. Needless to say, I was nervous!! We have an extremely energetic child who never stops (yes, that’s right, she rarely takes naps, and only does so in the comfort of her own bed), so the thought of airport lines, flying, and Disney World sans Bear was a bit scary, but I knew it was doable, so we did it! And I am so glad we did!!

The airport wasn’t too bad, a drawn out lunch kept the Bub occupied. And surprisingly, she was wonderful on the flight! A sticker book and some crayons lasted almost the whole 2 hours!

Getting her to sleep that night was a different story. She’s really too big for a pack-n-play, but we hadn’t made a transition to a big bed yet, so in the pack-n-play she had to go. We turned off all the lights and stayed really quiet and out of sight. And what cute little sentence comes out of the dark in the middle of the night?! “Mommy, this is not my bedroom!!!!”

So on to Disney the next day. It was beautiful weather and just a teeny bit stressful getting there, but not too bad. It’s such a process though and took about an hour from our hotel to the gate (the actual gate, not the train station) of Disney. And we quickly learned a lesson. You do not travel to Disney during the week before Easter, aka Spring Break. Whew! We heard they actually closed the gates and stopped letting people in it was that crowded!!! The day didn’t start too great though, I dropped my camera on the first right – Aladdin’s Magic Carpets and as if the loud crash it made onto the metal wasn’t bad enough, it fell into the crack that went to the water under the ride. Thankfully I had the camcorder as well and it takes good pictures outside! However, I wasn’t going to let that ruin my day. It was me and my 2 year old at Disney World! We had to have a good time! We rode a lot of rides, and had tons of fun, then went home in the afternoon to pick up Daddy-O from his conference, then headed back and rode some more rides! The wait times were up to 2 hours for even the kiddie rides, so that was kind of a bummer, but it was still so much fun. Bubby Girl could only ride so many things, so it wasn’t too bad.
I needed a little rest, so Bear took Bub on the race cars and boy did she have fun!! I love this picture of the two of them, and her trying to see over the steering wheel!
Bub and daddy racing
I also have a great video of her, when she saw me, she took both hands off the wheel to wave, it was too cute!!
If you ask Lila what her favorite ride as Disney was, she’ll answer “The RollerCoaster!” It was Goofy’s Barnstormer, and it was pretty impressive for kiddie coaster!

There aren’t a lot of pictures because wrangling a 2 year old by yourself at Disney World on one of the most crowded days in the world just doesn’t allow for it. It’s amazing what you don’t see through the lens of a camera!


Dresden Plate

I love the Sew Mama Sew blog and get so much inspiration from there, the problem with me is, I have inspiration overload and time deficiency! But I did see something I loved and just had to make it, so I dove right in and was surprised at how quickly it went. I used the Dresden Plate tutorial by Elizabeth Hartman from Oh, Fransson! and I love how it turned out! It’s the perfect little table topper, especially since my curtains are from the center fabric!
Dresden Plate

I can definitely see me doing more of these, the possibilities are endless, and a large quilt with them would be manageable and fun!

I have finished up some other projects – gasp! Okay, I can really only think of two right now, so I’ll have to take some pics and post on them soon. And I have an exciting trip we took at the end of March to post about as well!

Kayak Cake

Disclaimer – I am by no means a Bakerella or anything, although I do adore her work!! Bear’s birthday was about a month ago – March 8th. I’ve started a new tradition with him and Bubby Girl, it’s all about the birthday cake!! Well, for me at least! I love making personal, themed cakes. And so here was Bear’s this year. He’s a whitewater kayaker, so he was deserving of a cake that looked like his kayak. He paddles a Pyranha Burn – this is me in it a few years ago, not a great picture of me, cheesin’ a bit for the camera.
Kelly in Kayak
So, that’s what I went off of. It was my first time with stacking cakes, and using fondant, so I made a HUGE mess, and everything was dyed blue thanks to the watery icing. The cake is more orange than the actual kayak, but hey, lets blame the dyes on that one!! But it was fun, and I learned a lot. Mostly that I like the vanilla icing way better than the chocolate (the cake inside is chocolate with dark chocolate icing). It was also fun using my new stand mixer than I got for my birthday, which I adore – breadmaking is now a breeze, but that’s another post!
Kayak Cake
Kayak Cake
Kayak Cake
Notice the marbled fondant! Yay me, that was actually lots of fun getting the color to move around. And those are rocks in the water, they looked more realistic in real life!
But all in all, he was surprised and it was lots of fun. There will definitely be more fun cakes in the future!

Catching up!

Wow, December 18th was my last post, that’s just terrible! There’s been a lot going on too. I just don’t know how people post everyday, or every other day! I’m working from home part time now, so that keeps me busy as well. But enough of the boring stuff!
I’ve been knitting as much as I can squeeze in, which isn’t much, but enough to keep me pretty happy!
Here’s the latest –
Bubby’s Baby Doll – aka. Dolly J.J.
Bub's new dolly
Pattern – Ragdoll by Debbie Bliss
Yarn – Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino – for the hair, dress and legs and Sublime Organic Cotton DK for the body and head
I switched up the yarns because I couldn’t find a color I wanted, but I’m glad I did, the body has a slightly different feel than the clothes and hair, which may sound silly, but to me makes it feel more like “clothes” and “skin”. Silly, I know. Either way, I think she likes it!
Bub's 2nd Wallaby
And that’s the 2nd Wonderful Wallaby I made for her, she was so excited that she and Dolly J.J. “matched” with their purple outfits.

I also finished a pair of French Press Slippers but who hasn’t, right?
Mommy's French Press Slippers
I used Wool of the Andes because it was in the stash, and had been for years, and it needed to get used. I’ve worn these things just about everyday since I made them, and I have a feeling by the time the fall rolls around, I’ll have to make a new pair. I love the button though – matches perfectly – it’s from Joann’s.
And let’s see, I also finally finished my Coraline – GASP! It took forever, mostly because I put it down for quite some time. It’s gorgeous, beautiful, lovely and and oh so warm. But, I’ve yet to get a picture of it! It’s on the to-do list!
I’ll post about my sewing soon – although it will be more of a “what I want to sew list” than a “what I’ve sewn lately list”!

Christmas Cookies

Bear’s work party was last night, so I whipped up some sugar cookies and just had to try this new icing recipe – Glace Icing – to decorate them. Can I just say I love my new sugar cookie recipe and this icing!!! It’s super easy to work with, dries very hard, so you can stack cookies for parties, bag them up for gift giving, freeze some, all without having to work about the icing smearing and making a huge mess!
Oh, and apparently you can substitute the butter – we use Smart Balance 50/50 blend with Omega-3, and I must say I love that butter!! It tastes so yummy, but is a little healthier than butter.
Christmas Tree Cookies
Christmas Tree Cookies
You can see some other plain cookies poking out on the plate, that’s because I had to make 3 batches of cookies, so I didn’t decorate them all – just sprinkled some colored sugar on some of them. And apparently, some crazy people out there don’t even like them with icing, must be something wrong with them – the more sugar the better! Hehe!!

Oh, and to top off this wonderful week before Christmas – we’re supposed to get up to 12 inches of snow tomorrow!!! That’s unheard of ’round these parts (at least before Christmas) How exciting! I’m thrilled, except The Bub has a yucky cold and if she doesn’t get over it soon there will be no sledding, no snowmen, no snowballs, nothing….oh poo. Pray that she gets over it, she’s 2, she NEEDS to be playing in the snow!! Can you imagine how much fun that will be!!

We have a winner!!

Congrats to Carrie! She won the beautiful Bunchy Scarf from Brassy Apple!!
ScreenHunter_03 Dec. 16 12.14

Thanks to everyone who entered! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


In the spirit of Christmas I thought I would have a little giveaway! I won 2 Brassy Apple Bunchy Scarves a few weeks ago during the 12 Days of Christmas over at Portabellopixie and I wanted to give one away! These scarves are absolutely beautiful and since they so generously sent me two, I’m trying to pass on the generosity!
Here is a picture of the scarf you can win, the only difference is that it’s a teal blue/green – sorry, I’m not very good with pictures and the only model I have is taking a nap right now!
Photo courtesy of the Brassy Apple website.
All you need to do to win is leave a comment – make sure I have a way to contact you!
And if you want an extra entry, I guess you can tweet about it, I’m not a big tweeter, but I know everyone else is!
I will pick a random winner Wednesday at noon (EST), so get your entries in by then! I’m hoping to get it to the winner by Christmas, in case they have the perfect recipient in mind!