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Project Modern

I guess I could always try right? I can’t wait to see the beautiful projects that will come out of this!

Project Modern


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Well look at that…

Check this out….Sew Picture Perfect

Picture #3….hey, that’s my lovely little Dresden Plate table topper!

Here’s my original post on it. It’s pretty cool to have your stuff somewhere other than your own blog!

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Dresden Plate

I love the Sew Mama Sew blog and get so much inspiration from there, the problem with me is, I have inspiration overload and time deficiency! But I did see something I loved and just had to make it, so I dove right in and was surprised at how quickly it went. I used the Dresden Plate tutorial by Elizabeth Hartman from Oh, Fransson! and I love how it turned out! It’s the perfect little table topper, especially since my curtains are from the center fabric!
Dresden Plate

I can definitely see me doing more of these, the possibilities are endless, and a large quilt with them would be manageable and fun!

I have finished up some other projects – gasp! Okay, I can really only think of two right now, so I’ll have to take some pics and post on them soon. And I have an exciting trip we took at the end of March to post about as well!

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N is for New Things!! I couldn’t wait for “P” to post my new Pfaff!! Isn’t she beautiful!
Pfaff Quilt Expression 2048
So here’s the details – she’s a Pfaff Quilt Expression 2048 and she is fantastic! Buying a new sewing machine has been on my list for a while now because I really enjoy sewing, but my old Brother just wasn’t cutting it. So, I decided if I was going to buy one, I was going to buy one that would take me through it’s 20 year warranty (hopefully!). I bought a machine that I can grow into.
There is quite an interesting story behind this machine too, because it wasn’t the first one I bought!
I looked at Husqvarna’s, Pfaff’s and Bernina’s. There is a Husqvarna dealer in WV near Bear’s parents, so we went there. Turns out they have a program where you can upgrade within a year and get the full purchase price towards a new machine, and someone can buy your gently used machine for a discount. So, I got my first machine this way – a Husqvarna Sapphire 830. Nice little machine, great price, and a bicycle stitch! It took about 3 days for me to actually make the decision, and my in-laws picked it up for me. They brought it down and I started sewing, and immediately wasn’t comfortable with it. Not sure what was wrong, but I just wasn’t comfortable.
During this time I had looked at the Pfaff Quilt Expression 2048, and although it was on sale, $300 off, the price was still double what I paid for the Sapphire. But something kept calling me back to it. So I went back down to the Pfaff dealer, to look at a lesser model. As soon as I walked in the store, the lady ran up to me and said “I just tried to call you! You wanted the Quilt Expression 2048 right?”
I replied, “Well, I’m actually going to look at the lower model, we decided that one was just too much.”
She says, “Oh no it’s not! We just got a call from Pfaff with a special price – $900 off!!”
(Which makes the 2048 $250 less than the 2038 I was going to look at!!!)
I said “Let me call my husband!”

Needless to say, a few days later I was the proud owner of a Pfaff, and had to shamefully walk into the Husqvarna dealer to return my Sapphire. Thankfully she wasn’t too bad about it. I told her I just wasn’t 100% on it – I didn’t mention the Pfaff, and she had a new buyer for it anyways. When I was signing my return receipt, she said “Wow, you really did get a great deal on this (it was $400 off the original price).” I just smiled and said, “yes, it was a good deal” and I left off the part about getting a much better deal on a machine that I loved!
So here are my first projects. The first is a Wonder Wallet from Lazy Girl Designs. I just used two fat quarters and I think it turned out pretty well!
Lazy Girl Designs Wallet Outside
Lazy Girl Designs Wallet Inside

My current project is a Crazy Quilt using a Moda Charm Pack in Shangri La. I’ve finished 4 of the 40 squares (they don’t look even because they all need to be trimmed to size).
One set of the Crazy Quilt Squares
Crazy Quilt Square
The squares are done in sets of 4 with 4 of the same fabrics, just in different places. It’s a pretty neat design. Can’t wait to show you the finished quilt!

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